Open Jump

Visit 22 Jump Street and get a taste of what we have to offer. Test your free style jump skills, learned to jump against angled sides and jump from one trampoline to another. Open jump gives you access to the whole jump park area!

Our Jump park features a variety of  trampolines, including foam pits foam pits, climbing walls, basket ball courts and Olympics wall jumping sections.

Hand Soccer

This may be the most awesome sport and fun there is. Play with friends or even strangers, compete in tournaments, or play individual free for all!

Eliminate the opposing team by playing hand soccer and scoring , catching a ball and pass to your team mates and score against your opponents. The added element of flying around on a trampoline makes it even more challenging and fun, for you and your opponent!

Foam Pit Area

Flip or fly from a trampoline into thousands of foam cubes. Try out a new jump and flip techniques without fear. It’s the safest way to fly.

The foam zone is where you can practice your air tricks and jumps or simply enjoy flying through the air and landing in the soft foam pit.

Basketball Dunking

There’s nothing like dunking a basketball but forget the court! Try a Trampoline!

No need to learn the fundamentals of a slam dunk, just jump and dunk like a pro.

Launch yourself in the air with ease and slam dunk like a pro.

Olympic wall jumping

Jumping on a Olympic trampoline is an experience not to be missed. Inclusive with a variety of wall sections, this offers you the ultimate trampoline experience. This is a skill to be learnt and will offer great joy once you have achieved this skill.

Ninja fitness course

Children and adults will love this indoor obstacle course combined with age-appropriate physical activities. Kids will have a blast expending energy, increasing fitness and self-esteem, and developing coordination, strength, and balance. Our Ninja obstacle course includes:

  • Salmon ladder
  • Monkey bars
  • Peg board
  • Cargo net
  • Ninja run

Super fly

The first of it’s kind in South Africa. This trampoline is for the skilled and daring. With two 45 degree trampoline spanning over 6 meters in height, dares you to jump from one side to another. For the skilled and not DARE TO JUMP!

Bumper cars

How many of us kids, even adults, love to ride in bumper cars? Hop into one of the most advanced bumper cars and go head to head in a bumper car battle royal!  Take a precision hit to the side of your car and watch yourself spinning out of control!


Enjoy the thrill and excitement of watching a film, as a robot arm completes a synchronised series of wild and intense movements. A fan inside the capsule provides added wind effects to punctuate the action on screen, and an on-board audio system for all round experience to stimulate all your senses.

Games Zone

A wide variety and games and redemption games available for the family to enjoy. With state of the art card redemption, offer clients a lot more money for the buck! A wide variety of prizes to be won.