FAQ, Safety & Rules

We’ve outlined our rules, important safety standards, and frequently asked questions here. Please familiarize yourself with them.

22 Jump Street has a tightly managed and monitored safety system. Safety is our number one priority and we have a safety record we are proud of.

Our terms and conditions outline the risks and anyone jumping at 22 Jump Street is deemed to have accepted these conditions prior to jumping. Like most sporting activities, trampolining can have potential injuries even when done properly and following appropriate rules and guidelines. To minimise the chance of dangerous situations, especially for inexperienced jumpers, we have clearly posted trampoline court rules at the entrance to each court. These rules are enforced by our floor staff.

22 Jump Street has minimized the potential risk of injuries by ensuring our trampoline areas are walled with rebounding surfaces and that our frames are covered in the highest-grade padding available. We have designed our facility to reduce or eliminate the hazards associated with typical home trampolines and are continually working to ensure a safe environment through optimal design, engineering, construction, training and research.

Every square inch of exposed trampoline support structure is covered by gymnastics-grade padding. We have met or exceed the padding requirements advocated by the International leading standard.

Anyone jumping at 22 Jump Street is required to wear our approved grip-socks designed to help maximise grip, to help maximise safety and general hygiene.

We have trained and skilled floor staff positioned throughout. One of our primary safety principles is ensuring jumpers do not attempt any activity beyond their skill level. Please follow floor staffs guidance and advice at all times.

22 Jump Street is an action sports facility where injuries can happen. Like all sports, participants need to decide if the benefits of involvement are worth the risk of injury.

Please know and accept the risks. Follow the rules and take care. Keep within your limits, look out for others, follow the rules and most of all, have Jump fun!

Our Rules

  • Jump within your abilities and follow the rules!
  • Grip socks MUST be worn at ALL TIMES
  • Only ONE bouncer per trampoline
  • NO double bouncing (bouncing someone else higher)
  • NO wrestling, tackling or shoving
  • NO leaning or climbing on netting
  • NO sitting or lying on the trampoline mats or foam pads
  • NO mobile phones or cameras on the bounce arena
  • NO food, drink or chewing gum allowed on the bounce arena
  • NO bouncing under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level
  • Remove all items from your pockets before entering the bounce arena
  • NO keys, keychains, sharp or pointed items on the bounce arena
  • NO belt buckles or studs on clothing
  • DO NOT leave clothing on the bounce arena, use lockers provided
  • Only ever jump into the foam pit FEET FIRST – never dive in!
  • NO backflips into the foam pit
  • NO children under the age of 5 allowed
  • Ensure your pockets are empty
  • We recommend that you remove all jewellery
  • Allow participants to exit the pit before jumping in
  • Take care to land on your feet, bottom or back
  • Exit the pit as quickly as possible
  • Do not bury yourself or others in the pit
You may have some questions that we’ve already answered. If not, feel free to contact us for more information.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Safety is the number one priority at 22 Jump street. For details see the Jump Safe section.

Based on the trampoline manufacturer’s safety standards, the weight limit for an individual jumper at 22 Jump Street is 120kg.

Yes secure lockers are provided for at the venue.

Yes! You are allowed to bring food into the viewing area, however, refreshments will have to be purchased from the refreshment counter.

We recommend athletic clothing with some stretch. Baggy jeans are fine or tracksuit pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended. Jump socks with grip are compulsory for hygiene purposes and to avoid slipping. These are added to your admission fee the first time you visit 22 Jump Street and are then yours to keep to be used again at all subsequent visits.

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to booked jump time to check in and get ready for you session.

Please see our booking terms for details of our cancellation and refund policy. If you have further questions about this please feel free to contact us for more information.

We highly recommended booking in advance to ensure you can Jump when you want. Weekends and holidays sell out in advance so often walk-ins cannot be accommodated. Contact us to check availability and make a Jump booking.

Anybody can do it, from young children to their parents and even grandparents. However to ensure everyone is safe, we do have a minimum age restriction of 3 years of age. This is to make sure big people don’t accidentally bump into small people. Toddlers are welcome if accompanied by a adult.

22 Jump Street is located at Ballito Junction Mall
ADDRESS: Leonora Drive, Dolphin Coast Drive, 4399

Now Your Family Can Have Unlimited Fun!

Now Your Family Can
Have Unlimited Fun!

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